Get Involved

Sethule welcomes help from volunteers, from teachers and agriculturalists. School trips and gap year students are encouraged to get involved with the community on a practical level, and learn about life in a true rural African setting.

Adult Volunteers

Sethule Trust welcomes adult volunteers with various skills and interests. All you need is a love to serve and a love of people.

Whether you have expertise in teaching, administration, computer skills, sports, drama, building, singing, music, farming skills, bee-keeping, or knitting, your help will be useful.

If you are really interested in serving a rural community in Africa, working with children, and experiencing a genuine interaction with local folk, this could be the place for you! Our work is enthusiastically supported by the local community and its leaders. You will therefore find yourself under their protection and care.

Just indicate what are your particular talents and experience, mention when you can come and for how long, and we will reply to let you know whether we can fit you into our service programme. We recommend a minimum stay of 3-4 weeks.

You will stay with the local people, and soon appreciate their culture and way of life. An initial orientation will be organised for you on your arrival, and you can be met at the airport in Bulawayo if coming from oversees.

You will be expected to arrange your own trip to Bulawayo, but we will organise your accommodation and meals. Unlike many other organisations whose administrative charges are high, all our staff are indigenous and our costs reasonable.

Upon application, we shall send you a questionnaire to fill in, and contact details. We will then discuss your volunteering programme with you personally and adapt this according to your experience, availability, interests and wishes. You will be required to sign an indemnity form.