Dare To Be Different


DTBD is a peer education programme targeting young people in secondary schools.

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    Raising a socially responsible youth in and out of school
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    To Protect the youth from poor irreversible choices.
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    Empowerment of girls and boys through peer education
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‘Dare to be Different’ is a peer education programme targeting young people in secondary schools. The aim is to create morally upright future citizens; we believe that the information we share on facts about life will positively challenge the youth in their teenage years to be social, responsible individuals in curbing issues of teenage pregnancy, school dropout, drug and substance abuse and gender-based violence, to mention just a few. The motto of the programme is ‘It’s always a good time’. To us it is always a good time to think and execute right decisions.

The youth club started in one secondary school in Matobo District in 2011 in order to address the aforementioned challenges. Most prominent in the school was school dropout by girls due to teenage pregnancy, and because of its traceable success and requests from schools, the programme has spread to five more secondary schools and currently reaches out to over 500 students from these five schools. These schools are in rural or peri-urban locations and only one school is in an urban location.


students have access to this programme in secondary schools.


schools are involved across rural, peri-urban and urban areas.
“Through high school programmes like ‘Dare to be Different’ students are educated about the dangers and realities of the HIV pandemic and other STIs.”