Get Involved

Sethule welcomes help from volunteers, from teachers and agriculturalists. School trips and gap year students are encouraged to get involved with the community on a practical level, and learn about life in a true rural African setting.

Student Volunteers

Sethule is more than happy to host gap year students interested in experiencing the real rural Africa in a safe environment with clean accommodation provided.

The opportunities are great and varied, from teaching (English, Geography, Art, Sports etc) at local schools, to painting and helping with the maintenance of the schools, or to get involved helping out at the annual ATTIC vacation sports & games competition event for local youth in August. Students will be able to assist at infant and primary school teaching, building projects, sports activities and contribute to the orphan care programme. We welcome students for a period of 2 weeks to 3 months. Students staying longer may join research and evaluation projects.

A specific project will be discussed with the student and the sending School concerned.

This venture combines work experience, novelty and an experience to witness first-hand what life is like in a rural African community.

We have been fortunate to have student volunteers from numerous different countries: Armenia, Brazil Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, UK, USA, to name but a few. Sethule Trust prides itself in the satisfaction, skills, experience and fun gained by our volunteers from their visit. Several students have independently arranged to return because they had such a worthwhile experience!

Students embark on a cultural exchange with the local people through food, music, drama, sports and dance in addition to responding to specific community needs.

The safety of students is a prime concern of the organisers: they will be accompanied at all times by staff members. Facilities are at hand at a well-equipped modern private Hospital in Bulawayo to deal with any medical problems.

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