Our Mission

Through the generous contributions of our donors and supporters, Sethule is proud to be able to impact the lives of more and more Children every year.

Our Achievements

  • Launched COVID-19 support project
  • Relaunched birth certificate project
  • Painting and tiling of the new classroom in Nyamandlovu, the teachers cottage and repainting of the old classroom was completed
  • More beneficiaries sent to boarding schools.
  • Introduction of a new Young Adults vacation camp. WAGES
  • Moving of ATTIC Summer Camp Venue to St. James Girls High from Matobo villages and addition of teams from 6 to 10 teams (50 to 100 competitors)
  • Acute drop in Child Sexual Abuse cases. The Reject, Expose All Child Trauma (REACT) programme challenged children to expose a lot of sexual abuse related cases that saw most perpetrators being brought to justice.
  • Official Registration of Emarika as a Private School: Sethule successfully registered as a private school with the ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
  • Growth in programmes: Attendance has improved and engagement as well. In 2019 Sethule was delivering programmes to 13 Schools (6 primary schools, 5 secondary schools and 2 pre-schools). The organisation was also able to work with community members of villages in Matobo and Umguza.
  • Relationships with other NGOs and official bodies were established at various Workshops and Meetings throughout 2019
  • The organisation managed to expand its programs to other provinces (Bulawayo and more districts in Umguza)
  • The trust partnered with other organisations, Active Youth Zimbabwe (AYZ) and One Hope.
  • The organisation joined two Associations, National Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (NANGO) and Zimbabwe Aids Network (ZAN).
  • Completion of rest shade in Hope Fountain and the ECD classroom in Mbuyazwe
  • Ride for Education project was introduced.
  • Drop in sexual abuse cases after introducing an Anti-sexual  program in Umguza district.
  • Successful installation of borehole solar system at Nkwizhu Tsholotsho. benefiting 72 families with access to safe and clean water.
  • Development of a community garden at Nkwizhu Tsholotsho
  • Number of children attending boarding school increased by 6.
  • Introduction of keeping it Green Project as a way to motivate  communities towards safe environmental practices.
  • Receiving a donation in form of a Mini-busvehicle from Leysin American School.
  • Annual youth camp, ATTIC managed to introduced two new teams that jelled well and increased the competition standards.  
  • Donations towards Cyclone Idai victims at Umguza and Matobo districts.
  • Another beneficiary was sent to a boarding school, increasing the number of boarding school students to 3.
  • 5 sexual abuse cases reported and the perpetrators were brought to justice.
  • A new play centre was constructed at Emarika Preschool. Sethule orphans trust got memorandum to work in 19 wards in Umguza.
  • Attic celebrated 10 years.
  • Construction of an Early Childhood Development (ECD) classroom at Mbuyazwe primary.
  • Our second achiever was sent to a boarding school.
  • Installation of a fence at Sethule Hope Centre.
  • A completely new Pre-school at Hope Fountain has been constructed
  • A huge Africa map was painted at the Whitewater Secondary School.
  • The Science Laboratory at Whitewater Secondary School was repainted and refurbished.
  • The Emarika pre-school was painted and the floor and walls tiled.
  • The first play centre was established at Phakathi rural pre-school.
  • Through REACT, a reduction by 55% of case of sexual abuse was recorded in the communities served.
  • Through D2BD, a 70% reduction in student reports of general anti-social behaviour was tabulated.
  • VID recorded over 200 graduates of the Computer Training programme.
  • Two Sethule orphans completed a 2-year cookery course and found employment.
  • Three primary school classrooms were renovated.
  • A pre-school play centre, and new toilets were constructed.
  • New pre-school tables were provided.
  • A Senior School office was installed, and water and electricity supplies connected.
  • With help from the Leysin American School (LAS), Switzerland, Whitewater secondary school was entirely refurbished and electricity installed.
  • The second Society of Paediatric Medicine of Hull York Medical School,UK, Christmas Shoebox Appeal provided special gifts for Sethule orphans.
  • A visiting GP provided free medical consultations in rural areas.
  • Through the impact of the REACT and DBTD programmes at rural schools, teenage pregnancy in the rural communities served dropped from 11 to zero.
  • One of the Sethule orphans competed in International Athletics tournaments.
  • Two classes at the Pagathi rural school were entirely renovated with the help of English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, London, UK.
  • In cooperation with the Society of Paediatric Medicine of Hull YorkMedical School, UK, a Christmas Shoebox Appeal for the orphans of Sethule Trust was launched. Info SoPM Shoebox Newsletter
  • A total of 3800 school children in both rural and city schools to date had taken part in the REACT (Reject, Expose, All, Child, Trauma) programme run by Sethule Trust.
  • One of the Sethule orphans graduated as a Pre-school Teacher Trainer.
  • The Voices in Development (VID) programme was set up to promote skills training and vocational development in rural schools. Computer Driving Licence training was set up for teachers and school children in all rural areas served.
  • A dormitory, Ko Andrew, to house orphans coming for bereavement counselling programmes, and other workshops was completed in June.
  • Solar-driven computers were made available to primary school children in rural schools.
  • Despite various problems encountered during the drilling of the borehole there was finally provision of enough water for the Emarika pre-school and for those homes close by.
  • A maize grinding machine was installed and a building constructed to house it. This enabled local people to have their maize crop ground for their staple diet and generated an income for orphan care.
  • A system of individual ‘donor parents’ was set up to support specific orphans in need.
  • The REACT (Reject, Expose, All, Child, Trauma) and D2BD (Dare to be different) programmes were commenced in schools.
  • A 70-metre deep borehole was sunk to provide water for the local community.
  • A second Sethule orphan student graduated in December from the University of South Africa with a marketing degree.
  • A second pre-school, Salika, was built and opened in Halale, where currently 52 children are enrolled.
  • Sethule’s first ever orphan university student, graduated in December.
  • The gardening project was developed to be large enough to feed Emarika pre-school; to date it provides food for all the orphans.
  • Emarika pre-school for orphans and local children was built and opened at Natisa with an enrolment of 28 children, which has since increased to 40.
  • The annual ATTIC vacation youth camp for 60 students was inaugurated inAugust. This has now become a much-awaited highlight of the calendar for local youth.