Covid-19 Support Project

The COVID-19 Support Project aims to respond to the growing public health and economic crisis caused by coronavirus.

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    To reduce the impact, spread, and fatality of COVID-19 and provide food security
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    To innovate new effective ways of living with COVID-19 where institutions run smoothly.
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    To educate communities on the effects and impact of COVID-19.
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Project Description

The COVID-19 Support Project aims to respond to the growing public health and economic crisis caused by coronavirus. Sethule Trust continues to meet the needs of people who rely on us. Sethule Orphans’ Trust is filling the gaps in the health delivery system through Community Based Projects including health education, health promotion, and community development. The Ministry of Health is the lead for the implementation of all plans that are intended to combat Covid-19 and we’re working alongside The Ministry to help with the flow of information, equip, and empower communities with the required knowledge on Covid-19.

Coronavirus has also had a devastating impact on food security and livelihoods. At Sethule we felt the need to respond to the crisis and stay connected to the communities we work with. In the ‘new norm’ of the Covid-19 pandemic, our programs have rapidly responded to the different and additional needs. We’re doing this by providing food to the most vulnerable and in need as well as giving hand sanitiser and face masks to schools. At Sethule Trust we live in the same world as the communities we work with, and face the same challenges associated with the coronavirus pandemic. This gives us a unique ability to help the authorities reach the most vulnerable population, as we seek to support the vulnerable and marginalized members of our society in these uncertain times.

Some families have no idea what their next meal will be nor where it will come from. Sethule Orphans’ Trust knocks at their doors with a food hamper, containing much-needed basic food supplies.

Zimbabwe is on a 30-day full lockdown and the situation is desperate for the poorest of its communities.  Some are breaking the law, buying and selling wares, to feed their families.  Some are waiting and hoping for help to come from relatives out of the country. Some hope for help from neighbours or charitable organisations, that run feeding programmes.

It never rains but pours for the Sibanda family of7.  Their house was burnt to ashes with all their belongings in 2018 and their lives have never been the same since. It’s been a struggle to make ends meet, from getting their identity documents replaced to buying basic clothing and bedding for the family, let alone paying school fees.  All this to be done from a meagre salary of a farm worker.  

Their eyes lit up when Sethule staff came to them, unannounced, with a food hamper. Sethule is touching the lives of many, in the programme of distributing food hampers to its beneficiaries, during this second lockdown in Zimbabwe.