Get Involved

Sethule welcomes help from volunteers, from teachers and agriculturalists. School trips and gap year students are encouraged to get involved with the community on a practical level, and learn about life in a true rural African setting.

An incredible experience, Zimbabwe is a country rich in its culture and history but what most amazed me was how welcoming the people were. I got the opportunity to work with some of the locals and their friendliness and hard-working ethic were impressive. I always say that this trip made me remember how grateful we should be for everything in our lives and I will always be thankful for this experience.

A.R. (Leysin American School)  April 2016

During my time working with the ATTIC kids in Matopos, I was overwhelmed with the positive energy and excitement that takes over the camp during that week. The passion to learn, lead, perform and simply develop friendships is so apparent from the youngest of the ATTIC kids all the way through to the competitors, Chiefs, and Sethule committee members. I was there to teach and motivate, but I also, personally, learned so much and came back home to the United States eager to share stories about my experience with family, friends and coworkers! Thank you Sethule!

Monica: USA 2015

“My experience of ATTIC was heart-warming. Despite the difficulties that the children face every day, they have something to look forward to in August each year. Not only is the event filled with fun and competitive activities that take their minds away from their troubles, but there is a religious aspect too that gives them hope and comforts them in knowing that God is with them every step of the way”

Rafilo: Wits Economics Student, South Africa 2015